1. What do I need to claim the insurance?

Ans. Simply call 022 4910 7910 or SMS “UIBSUPPORT <space> MPP <space> (10 digit mobile number on which consumer want claims team to reach him” and send it to 56767.

2. What documents are required?

Ans. visit us at to download claim documents along with document checklist.

3. Can I claim insurance more than once?

Ans. Yes, customers can claim twice under the policy subject too maximum of the INR 5000/- or invoice value whichever is low.

4. Can I claim insurance more than once for the same problem/issue?

Ans- Yes, only if it is two different incidence.

5. Do I get claim amount as cash or how is the claim settled?

Ans- In case of damage cashless repair and theft – by way of NEFT to claimant/insured

6. Can I claim insurance if I somehow lose my invoice?

Ans- NO, invoice is a mandatory document to take a claim

7. What is the maximum amount I can claim at one go?

Ans - You can claim anytime upto maximum value of INR 5000/- or Invoice value whichever is lower

8. Can I get full price of the phone back as a claim?

Ans- Refer above question

9. Do I need a policy document?

Ans- No

10. Can I claim it for water damage and screen breakage (as consumers don’t think it Is available)

Ans – Yes, Insurance policy cover accidental physical damage & accidental fluid damage.

11. If there is a damage and i claim insurance, will I have to pay something esp if I have to replace a part?

Ans - No. Entire repair cost shall be absorbed by Insurance company less EXCESS i.e. 5% of the claim value (estimate value) or INR 300/- whichever is more.

12. Where do I go to claim this? Do I go to the same retailer from where I bought it or can I claim it anywhere?

Ans – No, Just simply follow question one. With VAS in place, we shall ensure that customer receive door to door facility with in best efforts basis.

13. What is mobile insurance?

Ans – Mobile insurance is an insurance cover for your handset, which covers theft, accidental physical damage & accidental fluid damage, for details visit

14. What all covered under this mobile insurance?

Ans – Refer above question.

15. What is not covered under this mobile insurance?

Ans– Refer and download policy T & C and refer section 3, however we recommend to read entire policy details.

16. Can I renew this policy after 12 months, if yes then what is the process?

Ans - No , the policy cannot be renewed.

17. How do I identify which stocks has Insurance support ?

Ans - The stocks with insurance are stickered.

18. Whats the difference between this insurance and the ones available at the store?

Ans – It is the same insurance product

19. Who is providing insurance ?

Ans – This insurance is free as the premium is paid by Nokia and insurer is The New India Assurance Company Limited.

20. Can I claim insurance on the old Asha device I purchased few months back ?

Ans – NO

21. What if I don’t see any leaflet inside the box but there is a sticker – Is the insurance still applicable?

Ans – NO

22. Is the insurance tagged to Primary (SIM 1) or secondary IMEI (SIM 2)

Ans – Both the SIMs.

23. Can I claim insurance using either of the IMEI numbers or do I have to provide both?

Ans – Yes, claim can be taken by using any IMEI number, customer need not provide both IMEI numbers
24. What if I loose my invoice, can I still claim the insurance?

Ans – NO, Invoice is a mandatory document to take a claim under the policy.

25. What happens after I call the toll-free number to claim the insurance, how does my phone get repaired or changed?

Ans – Our help line team shall register the claim and send claim document and necessary materials, if required and arrange for either Mail in service or Pick up service basis on the location on best effort basis.

26. Can somebody claim insurance twice for the same problem by quoting the 2 diff IMEI numbers on 2 different days?

Ans – No at the backend our system will track such claim and will not allow 2 nd claim on same incidence even if consumer quote 2 different IMEI number.

27. Who is providing insurance ? –

Ans - Nokia is providing benefit of Insurance to consumers free, however at the backend Nokia is absorbing the premium cost. Insurer is The New India Assurance Company Limited.

28. Can I claim insurance on the old Asha device I purchased few months back ?

Ans – No, Insurance is valid on device with sticker & IMEI number declared by Nokia.

29. What if I don’t see any leaflet inside the box but there is a sticker – Is the insurance still applicable

Ans - If Nokia have declared IMEI number then it is valid.

30. Is the insurance tagged to Primary (SIM 1) or secondary IMEI (SIM 2)

Ans– Tagged to both, however when data is shared we need to ensure, both IMEI number of device is shared and they are linked to each other. Hence when IMEI details are shared, the format should be
Make Model Primary IMEI Secondary IMEI NokiaAsha501 123456 123467 So when customer shall search with either IMEI, our webpage shall display both IMEI number to the customer.

31. How is the handset being collected by the company from remote parts apart from the top cities?

Ans – Mail in service via prepaid courier service. Refer VAS slide of any of our insurance ppt.

32. There are places where no courier facility is available, in such a case, how does the device reach the insurance company?

Ans – In such case we would request to come to nearest locations. Currently we have covered over 6k locations. This percentage in our experience of over 6 years is not even 1% of claims reported to us.

33. Various level SLAs for the insurance company?

Ans – This need not be worried as UIB is there to address the queries and protect your interest.

34. In case the repaired handset is faulty, who does the consumer contact?

Ans – If it’s the case then consumer can call us with in 7 days of repair delivery or else may go for normal warranty.

35. Since police complaint is a must, do we feel that this will be a deterrent for tier 2 and below cities (knowing fully well the administration levels)

Ans – No, it’s a document police intimation letter which is easy to get.

36. In case of a second purchase (within 1 year) does the insurance continue?

Ans – No this insurance is not transferable, however we would come to only in case if there is a claim and then it was sold to other party.

37. There is a possibility that the invoice is in the name of a minor / person who does not have a bank account, how will the claim be settled then?

Ans – Legal Hiers as mentioned in their legal document or ID.

38. If a person wants to buy the insurance on other Asha / Nokia devices, is that possible?

Ans – yes already up and running.

39. Can I get a discount if I do not want to get the free insurance?

Ans – No, Insurance is free from Nokia.

40. What if I go to a Nokia Care center and get the device repaired? Will the amount be reimbursed to me?

Ans – No, none of the accidental damage claim shall be addressed by insurer unless intimated to UIB and authorized by insurance company.

41. What if I go to a Unauthorized Care center and get the device repaired? Will the amount be reimbursed to me?

Ans – No, we are sure in such scenario even warranty fails.

42. Is the insurance valid if I am travelling abroad? Is it valid across India? What if I cannot come back to the same retailer?

Ans – With in India, simply call 022 4910 7910. Any loss abroad is not covered under the policy.

43. Claim settlement process, timing etc?

Ans – 7 working days subject too submission of all claim documents in totality.

44. What if insurance company does not settle on time?

Ans - Due care is taken, however there quite possible in 1 to 2 % cases this may happen but we can ensure over 98% cases are addressed by us. That UIB role, allow us to do the needful.

45. Does the Retailer avail of any scheme for this insurance program?

Ans - While there is an existing Insurance program running at NBR and select MBOs on all devices, for which we are paying the retailer incentive per device – However, this is not be applicable on the promo stocks of Asha 501.